About Us

Save KBR is a movement run by the people of Hyderabad. We are not affiliated to any political party. Our only affiliation is to make Hyderabad a world class city. A truly world class city has good citizens, good governance, good greenery, good air, good water, good infrastructure, good jobs and good living. Focusing on making city a concrete jungle is a recipe for disaster. Look what has happened to Delhi or to Bangalore. Do we want the same fate for Hyderabad ?

Some like minded citizens came together for a protest to save KBR trees in 2016. Soon we realized that this initiative needed much more. We are now a team of large number volunteers, like minded citizens and multiple groups for good governance and cohesive development coming together to save Hyderabad's trees and forests. 

We need greenery in the city because we live in the city. The system keeps cutting trees within cities and plants them far away where no one lives. This is a unsustainable model because people need fresh air to breathe where they live. 


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