• No Forest and Wildlife Clearance: The SRDP project is an integrated project covering 2025 km at different locations in Hyderabad.  The State Government to avoid their responsibility to take any clearances and permissions which is required under law divided and further sub-divided the project into fragments and changed the version to it being individual projects instead of intercity project that it initially proposed. The MOEF had also agreed in April 2017 that the project required EIA clearance which is yet to be obtained.

  • Traffic problem to be under control on completion of Metro rail Project: Hyderabad has already experienced axing of more than 20,000 fully grown trees in the entire city for the on-going metro construction. Once the Metro which is extremely well connected throughout the city is completed, traffic congestion in major intersections will be eased out. It is to be noted that Metro is expected to carry 2,00,000 passengers everyday. However in the case of flyovers, it only moves traffic over short distances leading to further congestion and bottlenecks. There is already diversion of traffic due to metro construction which connects the city in the same route where the fly-over is being considered.

  • Faulty and Hurried planning to Execute the project:

    • a) The consultant engaged is not accredited by QCI/NABET for providing consultancy in this sector; they are LEA associates, South Asia Pvt LTD and specialize in Highway and Solid Waste Management.

    • b) The New government came in power in the June, 2014. The SRDP was approved in May, 2015 based on the CTS report of 2011. Ideally a new study/survey should have been conducted for a project of this magnitude.

    • c) Further the CTS report on which this project has been based explains that the public transport and pedestrian walkways need to first developed before the flyover is constructed. However this has been completely ignored and bits of the report as per convenience have been selectively picked without taking the timelines into consideration.

    • d) A detailed project report for the SRDP has never been made available on public forum yet. Not going into details and studying the same by experts can have a catastrophic impact on the environment and traffic situation of the city.