• Widening and strengthening of roads is very different from construction of flyovers. 

    • The construction of the flyover will take around 3 to 5 years. The heavy machinery, cement powder, dust and increased traffic for transporting construction material, will hamper and ruin the inside environment of the forest.  This will cause slow death for the flora and fauna housed in the KBR National Park. 

  • The flyover is proposed to be constructed around the KBR National Park. Once it's operational at the proposed height, the air and noise pollution  and the dust that will flow down will drive away and destroy the flora and fauna of the Park. The vicinity being an active neighbourhood, this will continue at odd hours in the night making it extremely impossible for any type of habitat to survive and have a peaceful living which they enjoy now. Also there is no open land or forest for the Animals to escape and hence there will be trapped like in a gas chamber and succumb at some point.

  • Currently almost 50 percent of the KBR National Park interiors are protected and conserved from human intervention.  With such a gigantic flyover surrounding and overlooking the KBR National Park with its noise and pollution – the whole purpose of a protected area is defeated.

  • Currently, the roads surrounding the KBR National Park and walkway have vehicles plying where the pollution emitted from these vehicles does not enter the KBR National Park as it settles on the road where the vehicles ply.  Since, KBR National Park is the only open area most of this vehicular pollution emitted in the air will settle down in the National Park.