• The Citizens of Hyderabad are not against development but believe in long term, progressive and sustainable development. Clearly the trend world over has proved that our practices to develop at the cost of the environment has serious repercussions and hence we citizens have decided to take a stand and prevent such destruction that will lead to make our city inhabitable for future generations. 

  • Following are our suggestions:

    • Develop the city horizontally :  In our view we are fighting a losing Battle and creating self trouble by choosing to diminish Urban Water Bodies, Green Belts , Open Spaces etc, as the root cause lies in indiscriminate development of Hyderabad Mega / Giga City. This leads to increased population and traffic densities putting pressure on Land which is a finite commodity and thereby to encroachment of public spaces like Water Bodies, Green Belts  and Open Spaces, which are easy targets.

    • It is a Demand and  Supply Problem, therefore our object should be  to bring down pressure on Land of Hyderabad City , by advocating Urban Development in areas possibly on the outer ring road, by providing good infrastructure facilities and inter connectivity. The city need to grow horizontally as there is no easy way out.

    • Improve Public Transport: It has been well documented and proved the world over that the flyovers do not help in reduction of Traffic Congestion rather they pave way to increase the number of vehicles.  The traffic congestion in New Delhi is a live example. In fact, many cities across the world have actually demolished more flyovers than they have built  in the past decade. Many other cities are completely shutting down their streets or reducing the number of lanes that allow use of private vehicles, as a way to reduce traffic, pollution and accidents. The following website lists thousands of such examples across the world. The only solution is to improve Public transport.