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WHAT'S HAPPENING? The state government wants to reduce the Eco Sensitive Zone that we popularly know as KBR Walkway from 25-30 meters to as low as 3 meters. This will lead to the cutting of up to 2,000 trees. The Ministry of Environment, India has asked for citizen opinion on this matter.


WHY DO WE CONSERVE THE KBR PARK ESZ?  The KBR Park walkway or the ESZ is a buffer to protect the National Park's flora and fauna. With the walkway gone, the National park will die a slow death. 


KBR Park keeps the temperate of Hyderabad cooler by 3-4 degrees. It is also a carbon and water ridge; it feeds the underground water table and nearby lakes and absorbs the pollution too.


Ministry of Environment, India (MoEF) has asked for Citizen objections/ opinions on this proposal (link to the draft notification). Last date for sending the objections is Jan 10th.


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